SWIFT Module 7.1 SP10.July 2020 | Configuring SWIFT Module for Message Exchange over SAA | Using SAA to Exchange XML v2 Wrapped MT and MX Messages | Exchanging MT Messages in XMLv2 Format | Step 2: Create Trading Networks Assets
Step 2: Create Trading Networks Assets
Viewing Trading Networks Assets for an MT Message
In Designer, run the wm.xmlv2.dev:createSWIFTItems service to create the following Trading Networks assets for an MT message: a TN document type, a processing rule, and a TPA. The following table lists the parameters that you should define for MT messages:
The MT message type for which a TN document type must be created, for example, fin.535.
Required. Defines the format of the IS document that is generated for the MT message type. The default value is TAG_BIZNAME.
Required. The version of the SWIFT specification, for example, nov10.
Required. Specifies whether the fields generated in the IS document type are parsed to the subfield level. The default value is true.
Creates a default processing rule for the specified document type. The default is false.
Creates a Trading Networks TPA for the message that specifies variables used in WmFIN for processing and validation. The default is true.
Creates and inserts a TN document type for the message. The TN document type is used to recognize an incoming message. The default is true.
The parameters finFormat, version and subFieldFlag are required for an MT message type because the service uses these to generate an IS document type for the corresponding message type (an MT message in this case). This service internally invokes wm.fin.dev:importFINItems to import the relevant DFDs and SWIFT message templates required for the validation and parsing of the MT message. For more information, see wm.xmlv2.dev:createSWIFTItems.