SWIFT Module 7.1 SP10.July 2020 | Package Services | WmFIN Package Services | wm.xmlv2.dev Folder | wm.xmlv2.dev:createSWIFTItems
This service creates a Data PDU document for a particular MT or MX message type.
Input Parameters
String The type of message, for example fin.101 (MT type) or camt.029.001.01 (MX type). The message type identifies the particular message type from the Data PDU.
String Valid values are MT or MX.
String Optional. Defines the format of the IS document generated for the MT message type. The following values specify how the element is formatted within the IS document:
*TAG_BIZNAME (default)-The SWIFT message tag, followed by the business name, for example, 23G_Function of the Message.
*TAGONLY. The SWIFT Message tag only, for example 23G.
*BIZNAMEONLY. The business name of the field only, for example, A-Account Servicing Institution.
*XMLTAG. XML-compatible tag name. This format cannot contain colons or tags that begin with a number, for example, F52A.
String Optional (required only for MT messages). Specifies the version of the SWIFT specification (for example, nov10).
String Optional. Specifies whether to parse the fields in the IS document type generated for this MT message to the subfield level. Valid values:
*true (default). Parse to the subfield level.
*false. Parse to the field level.
String Optional. Creates a default processing rule for the specified message type. Valid values are true and false. The default is false.
The sh samples contain a sample that provides more details for this parameter. For information about the samples, see webMethods SWIFT Module Samples Guide.
String Optional. Creates a Trading Networks TPA for this message that specifies variables used in WmFIN for processing and validation. Valid values: true or false. The default is true.
String Optional. Indicates whether to create and insert a TN document type for this message (used to recognize an incoming message). Valid values: true or false. The default is true.
Output Parameters