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Push Mode
When push mode is used, the initiative to deliver a message resides with SWIFTNet SnF. The message is pushed from SWIFTNet SnF and is received by the server on SWIFTNet Link. In this server, a regular SwCallback() is invoked. The input primitive is the message from the queue within a SwInt:HandleRequest or Sw:HandleFileRequest. The server application ensures that the message is stored safely, and then responds with an acknowledgment to SWIFTNet SnF indicating how the message was received.
The following diagram illustrates the store-and-forward InterAct Push session. See the table below the diagram for additional information.
The server process opens the required security context with Sw:HandleInitRequest and SwSec:CreateContextRequest. The server prepares to process the incoming requests.
The client process starts, sends the Sw:InitRequest, opens the desired security context, acquires the queue in pull mode, and starts delivering messages.
The server receives a SwInt:HandleRequest request.
The server sends an acknowledgment in SwInt:HandleResponse.
Messages are removed from the queue.
The client releases the queue.