SWIFT Module 7.1 SP10.July 2020 | Getting Started | Concepts | SWIFTNet Component
SWIFTNet Component
Client Functionality
Server Functionality
SNL Request and Response Primitives Support
SWIFTNet Component Architecture
SWIFTNet Component Real-Time Mode
SWIFTNet Component Store-and-Forward Mode
Server Application Processing of SNL Primitives
SWIFT File Transfer Adapter Support
The SWIFTNet component supports communication of SWIFT messages and files between clients and servers:
*The client sends a request and receives a response.
*The server receives a request and sends a response.
The SWIFTNet component provides client-side and server-side support for the following messaging services and capabilities:
Both InterAct and FileAct can work in either real-time mode or in store-and-forward mode. In real-time mode, both the requester and the responder must be online at the same time, but in store-and-forward mode, they do not both need to be online.
The client uses the SNL function SwCall() to access the server application through SWIFTNet. The server uses the SNL function SwCallback() to respond to clients through SWIFTNet.
As mentioned earlier, InterAct and FileAct are implemented as a set of SNL primitives that are exchanged between the client or server application program and the SNL software on your SAG. Along with its packages, the SWIFTNet component provides two DLLs, WmSWIFTNetClient.dll and WmSWIFTNetServer.dll, that invoke the functionality of the SNL libraries to transfer the SNL primitives between the client and server.