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Pull Mode
When the pull mode is used, the client process initiates the delivery of a message. It performs an SwCall() with Sw:PullSnFRequest as the input primitive. The Sw:PullSnFResponse contains the message pulled from the queue.
The following diagram illustrates the store-and-forward InterAct pull session. See the table below the diagram for additional information.
The client sends the Sw:InitRequest to start delivering messages and files in a SnF queue. Next, the client uses SwSec:CreateContextRequest to open the desired security context.
The client sends a request to acquire the queue. After receiving the response, the client starts delivering messages by issuing the Sw:PullSnFRequest.
The first Sw:PullSnFRequest does not carry an acknowledgment, but all subsequent requests must acknowledge the message delivered in the previous pull request to avoid the same message being delivered again.
Messages are removed from the queue.
When the client is finished delivering messages, the client sends Sw:AckSnFRequest (Sw:ExchangeSnFRequest) along with the acknowledgment of the last delivered message as input primitive.
The client destroys the created security context and triggers the termination with the SNL.