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Store and Forward FileAct
Store-and-forward FileAct services can only be used to send a file to a receiver. They cannot be used to request a file.
A store-and-forward FileAct request resembles a real-time FileAct request message. The sender must indicate that SnF be used to store the file, as well as the queue in which SWIFTNet SnF should store any delivery notifications that it generates. If the file delivery fails, the failed delivery notification, including the reason the delivery failed, is stored in the queue the sender specified in the RequestControl.
<SwSec:AuthorisationC ontext>
<SwInt:Requestor>o=xxxx, o=swift</SwInt:Requestor>
<SwInt:Responder>o=xxxx, o=swift</SwInt:Responder>
<Sw:PhysicalName>C:\atlog.txt</Sw:PhysicalName> </Sw:PutFileRequest>