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Package Dependency Requirements and Guidelines
The following are dependency requirements and guidelines for user-defined packages. For instructions for setting package dependencies, see the webMethods Service Development Help for your release.
*By default, the WmMQAdapter package has a dependency on the WmART package. Do not change this dependency.
*A user-defined package must have a dependency on the WmMQAdapter package.
These dependencies ensure that at startup Integration Server automatically loads or reloads all packages in the proper order: the WmART package first, the adapter package next, and the user-defined packages last. The WmART package is automatically installed when you install Integration Server. You should not need to manually reload the WmART package.
*If the connections and adapter services of an adapter are defined in different packages, then:
*A package that contains the connections must have a dependency on the adapter package.
*Packages that contain adapter services, adapter notifications, or adapter listeners must depend on their associated connection package.
*Keep connections for different adapters in separate packages so that you do not create interdependencies between adapters. If a package contains connections for two different adapters, and you reload one of the adapter packages, the connections for both adapters will reload automatically.
*Integration Server will not allow you to enable a package if it has a dependency on another package that is disabled. That is, before you can enable your package, you must enable all packages on which your package depends. For information about enabling packages, see Enabling Packages.
*Integration Server will allow you to disable a package even if another package that is enabled has a dependency on it. Therefore, you must manually disable any user-defined packages that have a dependency on the adapter package before you disable the adapter package. For information about disabling packages, see Disabling Packages.
*You can name connections and adapter services with the same name provided that they are in different packages and folders.