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WebSphere MQ Adapter Package Management
Package Dependency Requirements and Guidelines
Enabling Packages
Disabling Packages
WebSphere MQ Adapter is provided as a package called WmMQAdapter. You manage the WmMQAdapter package as you would manage any package on the Integration Server.
When you create connections, adapter services, adapter notifications, and adapter listeners define them in user-defined packages rather than in the WmMQAdapter package. Doing this will allow you to manage the packages more easily, especially when you need to upgrade a deployed adapter. You may create all the connections and adapter services of an adapter in one package, or you may distribute them among multiple packages. For instructions on creating packages, see the webMethods Service Development Help for your release.
As you create user-defined packages, use the package management functionality provided in Designer to set the user-defined packages to have a dependency on the WmMQAdapter package. That way, when the WmMQAdapter package loads or reloads, the user-defined packages load automatically. See the following diagram:
Package management tasks include:
*Setting package dependencies, see Package Dependency Requirements and Guidelines.
* Enabling Packages.
* Disabling Packages.