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Disabling Packages
When you want to temporarily prohibit access to the elements in a package, disable the package. When you disable a package, the server unloads all of its elements from memory. Disabling a package prevents Integration Server from loading that package at startup.
If your adapter has multiple user-defined packages, and you want to disable some of them, disable the adapter package first. Otherwise, errors will be issued when you try to access the remaining enabled user-defined packages.
*To disable a package using Integration Server Administrator
1. Open Integration Server Administrator if it is not already open.
2. In the Packages menu of the navigation area, click Management.
3. Click Yes in the Enabled column for the package that you want to disable.
4. The server issues a prompt to verify that you want to disable the package. Click OK to disable the package.
When the package is disabled, Integration Server Administrator displays No in the Enabled column.
A disabled adapter will:
*Remain disabled until you explicitly enable it using Integration Server Administrator.
*Not be listed in Software AG Designer.