Analytics Builder 10.16.0 | Using Analytics Builder for Cumulocity IoT | Using the Model Editor | Working with models | Overview of steps for adding a model
Overview of steps for adding a model
This topic gives a brief overview of how to add and design a new model. For more detailed information, see the topics that are referenced in the steps below.
You add and design a model as follows:
1. On the Models tab of the model manager, click New model. Enter a model name in the resulting dialog box. See also Adding a new model.
2. In the model editor, drag the required blocks from the palette onto the canvas. See also Adding a block.
3. Refer to the block documentation as necessary. See also Viewing the documentation for a block.
4. Use the block parameter editor to specify the parameters of the block. See also Editing the parameters of a block.
5. Connect the appropriate blocks with wires. See also Adding a wire between two blocks.
6. Save your changes. See also Saving a model.
Only saved models are listed in the model manager. When you add a new model and then leave the model editor without saving the model, it will not be listed in the model manager, and all the edits you made will be lost.
7. Leave the model editor. This takes you back to the model manager. See also Leaving the model editor.
8. A newly added model is automatically set to draft mode in the model manager. If you want to test it, simulate it, or make it available in production, see Deploying a model.
For detailed background information, including restrictions, see Wires and Blocks.