Analytics Builder 10.16.0 | Using Analytics Builder for Cumulocity IoT | Using the Model Manager | Adding a new model
Adding a new model
When you add a new model, the model editor is invoked. See Using the Model Editor for detailed information.
The new model will only be listed in the model manager, when you save the model in the model editor. See also Saving a model.
You can also create a new model from a sample. See Creating a model from a sample for more information.
*To add a new model
1. On the Models tab of the model manager, click New model in the toolbar.
2. In the resulting Model Configuration dialog box, enter a unique model name.
You can optionally enter a description for the model and one or more tags.
Tags are helpful for filtering the models in the model manager to show only the models for which a specific tag has been defined (see also Filtering the models and samples). To add a tag, you simply type its name and press Enter or the Tab key. The tag is then shown in a colored rectangle. To remove a tag, click on the X that is shown in the rectangle. The dialog prevents you from entering duplicate tags for a model; if you enter such a tag name, the duplicate tag is not added and the original tag blinks one time.
3. Click OK.
The model editor appears. See Overview of steps for adding a model for a brief overview of how to add blocks and wires to the new model.