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Working with Blocks Created from Scenarios
Terminology for using scenario blocks
Benefits of scenario blocks
Steps for using scenario blocks
Background for using scenario blocks
Saving scenarios as block templates
Incrementing scenario block version numbers
Adding a scenario block to a main scenario
Examining a scenario block's source scenario
Descriptions of scenario block parameters
Descriptions of scenario block operations
Descriptions of scenario block feeds
Setting parameters before creating sub-scenarios
Creating sub-scenarios
Deleting sub-scenarios
Modifying sub-scenario input variable values
Iterating through sub-scenarios
Obtaining variable values from sub-scenarios
Linking sub-scenarios with other blocks
Inheriting sub-scenarios
Observing changes in sub-scenarios
Performing simple calculations across sub-scenarios
In the Event Modeler, you can export a scenario to create a block. You can then use this block in other scenarios. The topics below provide information and instructions for using blocks that you create from scenarios.
For a sample scenario that uses a block that was created from a scenario, open the ScenarioAsBlockExample.sdf file in the Event Modeler. This file is in the samples\scenarios directory of your Apama installation directory.
You cannot create a block from a parallel-aware scenario. Nor can you create a block from a non-parallel-aware scenario and then mark that block as parallel-aware.

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