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Saving scenarios as block templates
To use a source scenario as a block, you must save it as a block, which creates a new block template.
* To create a block template from a scenario
1. In Event Modeler, open the scenario from which you want to create a block.
2. Ensure that the scenario is complete and correct.
3. In the Event Modeler menu bar, select Scenario and ensure that there is a check next to Generate Block.
Whenever you save and/or build the project, Event Modeler generates a block template from this scenario. You can see the block template in the Generated scenario blocks catalog in your project's Catalogs tab. The name of the block template is the name of the scenario with the .bdf extension. If you have already saved a version of this scenario as a block, Event Modeler sets the version field to the revision level of the latest scenario block exported from this scenario.

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