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Incrementing scenario block version numbers
To increment the version number, you export one or more scenarios as blocks as described below.
* To export scenario blocks
1. From the Software AG Designer menu, select File > Export.
2. In the Export dialog, expand Software AG, click Export as Block, and click Next.
3. In the Project: field, select the project that contains the scenario(s) you want to export.
4. In the Export column, select one or more scenarios to export as blocks and click Next.
5. Select the folder in which you want to save your new block. By default, Event Modeler saves scenario blocks in the catalogs\Generated scenario blocks directory of your project directory.
The name of the new block is always the name of the scenario with the .bdf extension. If you have already saved a version of this scenario as a block, Event Modeler sets the version field to the revision level of the latest scenario block exported from this scenario. To save a newer version, increment the version number.
To create a new folder in which to store your new scenario block, click New..., specify the name of the new folder, and click OK.
To add a new catalog in which to store your new scenario block, switch to Apama Developer perspective, right-click the project name, select Properties, and click the Blocks tab. Then return to the Export As Block dialog.
6. Click Export. Your new scenario block is immediately available for selection from the Catalogs tab.
You can nest a scenario block in another scenario block. In other words, you can export a main scenario as a block, and use the new scenario block in some other main scenario.

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