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What's New in Apama 5.2
Apama Studio enhancements in 5.2
New feature for addressing contexts with channels in 5.2
New feature for using Universal Messaging to connect Apama components in 5.2
New and changed EPL statements in 5.2
Enhancements to Apama adapters in 5.2
Changes to correlator utilities in 5.2
Windows compiler and .NET version updates in 5.2
Linux compiler updates in 5.2
Upgrading to Apama-supplied JDBC and ODBC database drivers in 5.2
Removed and deprecated features in 5.2
Miscellaneous enhancements and changes in 5.2
Apama 5.2 runs on the platforms listed in the Supported Platforms document for version 5.2. This is available from the following web page: http://documentation.softwareag.com/apama/index.htm. Be sure to consult that document for details about supported versions of operating systems, compilers, BigMemory, and Universal Messaging.
Apama 5.2 includes the following new features, enhancements, and changes.

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