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New and changed EPL statements in 5.2
Apama 5.2 includes the following enhancements to EPL:
*The new send...to statement supersedes the enqueue...to and emit...to statements. The send...to statement sends the specified event to the specified channel.
You can no longer use send as an identifier since it is now a keyword.
The enqueue...to and emit...to statements will be deprecated in a future release. Use the send...to statement instead.
*The new monitor.subscribe() and monitor.unsubscribe() statements subscribe/unsubscribe a context to the specified channel. The monitor that contains the statement and any other monitors in the same context are subscribed/unsubscribed. Note that this is a special use of the monitor keyword.
*The new type com.apama.Channel represents a channel in the correlator. See New feature for addressing contexts with channels in 5.2.

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