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Removed and deprecated features in 5.2
The following features are removed or deprecated in this release:
*Support for the correlator replay log has been removed. You can now replay correlator behavior only with a correlator input log.
The following options were needed when starting a correlator that would capture or run a replay log. These options are no longer needed and they have been removed:
With the removal of the replay log, the extract_replay_log utility now extracts data from input logs only.
When using Apama Studio you can specify an input log but not a replay log in the Correlator Arguments tab of the Correlator Configuration dialog. The Replay log mode field has been removed. from the Correlator Arguments tab.
Replay log support has also been removed from Apama Studio Ant features. Trying to run an Ant deployment script with a replay log will result in an error when trying to start the correlator.
*The following correlator start-up options have been removed:
When using EMM, you can no longer select these options in the correlator Configurations tab.
These options were useful when running Apama on single-core machines. With the recommendation to always run Apama on multiple core machines, these options are no longer needed.
*Now that all connections to the correlator are persistent, the engine_connect --persistent option is no longer needed and it has been removed.
*The following methods in the MemoryStore RowValue API class have been deprecated and will be removed in a future release:
public final void setString(int typedIndex, int maxSizeHint, String v)
public final void setString(int typedIndex, int maxSizeHint,
byte[] utf8ByteString)
public final void setInteger(int typedIndex, int maxSizeHint, long v)
public final void setFloat(int typedIndex, int maxSizeHint, double v)
public final void setBoolean(int typedIndex, int maxSizeHint, boolean v)
In place of these methods, use the set*() methods without the maxSizeHint argument.
*The Payload Extraction correlator plug-in has been deprecated as of Apama 5.0. While it has not yet been removed because of internal requirements, it will be removed in a future release and its use is strongly discouraged.
The dictionary-format payload is considerably more efficient than the string-format payload in almost all cases. Third-party adapters should now be using dictionary-format payloads.
*The following Event Modeler functions are deprecated and will be removed in a future release:
In place of these deprecated functions, use the following functions:
*The following overloading of the C++ plug-in API method for sending an event has been deprecated:
sendEventTo(const char* event, AP_uint64 targetContext,
AP_uint64 sourceContext) = 0;
It will be removed in a future release. In place of that overloading, use the following method:
sendEventTo(const char *event, AP_uint64 targetContext,
const AP_Context &source) = 0;
*With the addition of the send...to statement, send is now a keyword and you can no longer use it as an identifier unless you escape it with a hash symbol, for example, #send.
While the following EPL statements are not deprecated in this release, they will be deprecated in a future release. Use the EPL send...to statement instead.
*emit and emit...to
*The DataViewService_Impl_Dict monitor now uses the built-in EPL log statement instead of having its own custom logger, and the com.apama.dataview.SetLogLevel event has been removed. The log level for this monitor can now be changed as described in Setting EPL log files and log levels dynamically.

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