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Overview of Developing Apama Applications
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Apama runs in Software AG Designer, which provides an integrated environment for developing Apama applications. The process of developing an Apama application is centered around an Apama project. In Software AG Designer, you create an Apama project and then proceed as follows:
*Create new Apama resources for the application.
*Include standard, pre-packaged Apama resources.
*Include existing Apama resources from other projects or applications.
*Specify configuration properties necessary for launching the application.
*Run and monitor the application.
*Export the initialization information necessary for deploying the application.
When you add resources to your application, Software AG Designer creates the resource's metadata and launches the appropriate editor where you add the code to implement its behavior. As you create the resource's application code, Software AG Designer automatically validates it. Where necessary, Software AG Designer launches the Apama tool (such as Query Designer or Dashboard Builder) that is appropriate to the specific resource being added.

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