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Launching Apama projects
Software AG Designer can launch an Apama project in a test environment. When Software AG Designer launches a project, the default is that it starts an instance of the correlator and injects all the resources that are included in the project. You can change the default launch behavior by editing the launch configuration for the project.
You can specify multiple launch configurations for each Apama project, including configurations for debugging and profiling applications. For each launch configuration, you can:
*Add correlator arguments.
*Specify event files that should be sent to initialize/start the application.
*Specify what adapters to use.
*Define environment variables, for example, appending directories to the PATH used to start the correlator and any IAF processes.
*Indicate whether the configuration can be shared among Apama installations.
For more information on creating launch configurations and launching Apama projects, see Launching Projects.

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