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Demos and tutorials
Apama provides several demo applications and tutorials in Software AG Designer. These are available from the Welcome page, which appears when you start Software AG Designer for the first time and which is always available by choosing Help > Welcome from the Software AG Designer menu. On the Welcome page, look for the heading Apama, and then click Demos or Tutorials.
The Apama demos are demonstration applications that illustrate some of the features and capabilities of the Apama platform. They include dashboards in which you can interact with the application and readme files that describe what the application does, what files make up the project, and how you might modify the application. Use the demonstration applications to gain an overview of what goes into an Apama project and what some common Apama applications can do.
The tutorials are interactive instructions that get you quickly up to speed writing Event Processing Language programs and creating dashboards that provide the user interface to EPL DataViews.
Each tutorial provides a skeleton project and a completed project. At the end of the tutorial instructions, you run the project.
When you open a demo or a tutorial for the first time, it is copied into the Eclipse workspace. You can revert to the original demo or tutorial without any changes you've made at any time by deleting the project as follows:
1. Right-click the project.
2. Click Delete.
3. Select Also delete contents in the confirmation dialog, and click Yes.
Then open the project again from the Apama Demos or Apama Tutorials page.

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