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Defining Queries
Introduction to queries
Format of query definitions
Defining metadata in a query
Partitioning queries
Defining query input
Finding and acting on event patterns
Implementing parameterized queries
Restrictions in queries
Best practices for defining queries
Testing query execution
Communication between monitors and queries
A query is one of the basic units of EPL program execution.
Note: The other basic unit is a monitor. A monitor cannot contain a query. A query cannot contain a monitor. For information about writing monitors, see Defining Monitors. For a comparison of queries and monitors, see Architectural comparison of queries and monitors.
Apama queries are suitable for applications where the incoming events provide information updates about a very large set of real-world entities. Apama provides several sample query applications, which you can find in the samples\queries directory of your Apama installation directory.
The topics below provide information and instructions for defining queries.
For reference information, see Queries.
See also: Using Query Designer and Deploying and Managing Queries.

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