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Finding and acting on event patterns
Defining event patterns
Event matching policy
Acting on pattern matches
Defining actions in queries
In a query, the find statement specifies the event pattern you are interested in. At runtime, for each event that the correlator adds to a window, the query checks for a match. Depending on the definition of the event pattern, the set of events that matches the pattern contains one or more events. This is the match set. A match set
*Always contains the latest event, which is the event that was most recently added to a window.
*Satisfies the event pattern.
*Is always the most recent set that matches the event pattern. This is important when there is more than one set that is a candidate for the match set.
The format of a find statement is as follows:
find pattern block
Syntax Element
The event pattern that you want to find. See Defining event patterns.
The procedural code to execute when a match is found. See Acting on pattern matches.

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