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Defining metadata in a query
You can record information about a query in the metadata section. This can be, for example, the recording author, the version number, or the last modified date of a query. Once defined, metadata information about a query can be viewed in the Scenario Browser. See also Using the Scenario Browser view.
Format for defining query metadata
You define query metadata in the metadata section of a query definition. The metadata section is optional. If you specify a metadata section, it must be the first section in the query. The format for specifying the metadata section is as follows:
metadata {
[ , key:value ]...
key and value must be string literals. Both are case-sensitive.
value can be a multi-line string.
key must be a valid EPL identifier (see Identifiers). Therefore, key must not include spaces, hyphens, dots or any other characters that are not allowed in EPL identifiers.
All key definitions that are contained in a single metadata section of a query must be unique.
It is recommended to use lowerCamelCase style for the key. The prefix "apama" should not be used for the key as it is reserved for future use.

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