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Generating Documentation for Your EPL Code
Code constructs that are documented
Steps for using ApamaDoc
Inserting ApamaDoc comments
Inserting ApamaDoc tags
Inserting ApamaDoc references
Inserting EPL source code examples
Generating ApamaDoc from an Ant script
Just as you can use the Javadoc tool to generate documentation for Java, you can use the ApamaDoc tool to generate documentation for EPL. ApamaDoc, which is based on Javadoc, generates reference documentation from EPL source code. To enhance what ApamaDoc automatically generates, you can insert annotations in block comments. Annotations are a mixture of text and tags.
ApamaDoc is an export wizard in Software AG Designer. It generates static HTML pages that document the structure of all EPL code in a project. This includes the .mon files that you create as well as all .mon files in all bundles that have been added to a project.
Alternatively, you can generate ApamaDoc from an Ant script.
Note: ApamaDoc does not operate on .qry files. That is, you cannot use ApamaDoc to generate reference documentation for Apama queries.

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