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Generating ApamaDoc from an Ant script
Generating ApamaDoc from an Ant script is useful if you want to control what ApamaDoc generates without user-interface intervention, for example, when you are running nightly build integrations. Also, using the Ant script, you can control which files are exported and which files are omitted. See the generate-apamadoc macro definition in the apama-macros.xml Ant script for more details. You can find this Ant script in the etc directory of your Apama installation.
To generate ApamaDoc from an Ant script, you have to create a build.xml Ant script that uses the generate-apamadoc macro to build ApamaDoc for the EPL files you wish to document. For example:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<project name="" default="apamadoc" basedir=".">
<property environment="env"/>
<import file="${env.APAMA_HOME}/etc/apama-macros.xml"/>
<target name="apamadoc">
<generate-apamadoc outputDir="./apamadoc-output" title="ApamaDoc Title">
<!-- standard Ant fileset to specify which files should be documented -->
<fileset dir="./monitors">
<include name="**/*.mon"/>
By default, ApamaDoc is only generated for the API exposed by the specified EPL files. The members of monitors are therefore not generated (for example, inner events, variables and constants, fields in events, and actions). This can be enabled, however, using the includeMonitorMembers attribute.
Note: The script that you use to generate ApamaDoc requires Apache Ant. To set the path appropriately, it is recommended that you run your script from the Apama Command Prompt (see Setting up the environment using the Apama Command Prompt). If you do not use the Apama Command Prompt, then you must ensure that the PATH variable contains an entry for the Ant installation folder (such as C:\ant), which makes the Apama ant.bat file accessible to ApamaDoc generation.

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