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Steps for using ApamaDoc
The general steps for using ApamaDoc are as follows:
1. Create an Apama project in Software AG Designer.
2. Add a .mon file to your project.
3. In the .mon file, enhance the automatically generated documentation by adding annotations. See Inserting ApamaDoc comments, Inserting ApamaDoc tags, and Inserting ApamaDoc references.
4. Save and build the project.
5. Right-click the project name and select Export from the context menu.
6. In the Export dialog, expand Software AG, select ApamaDoc Export, and click Next.
7. Identify the folder that you want to contain the ApamaDoc output, and click Finish.
To view the ApamaDoc output, go to the output folder you identified and double-click the index.html file. The generated ApamaDoc opens in your browser.
Try this with any project you already have, or with one of the demo projects. Even if you have not added any ApamaDoc annotations, you can see that ApamaDoc automatically generates a lot of documentation.

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