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Configuring the Universal Messaging connectivity plug-in
Loading the Universal Messaging transport
Configuring the connection to Universal Messaging (dynamicChainManagers)
Configuring message transformations (dynamicChains)
Using dynamic replacement variables
Subscribing to automatically created Universal Messaging channels
Channel lookup caching
Supported payloads
When you have added the Universal Messaging connectivity plug-in to your Apama project in Software AG Designer (see also General steps for using Universal Messaging in Apama applications), you can edit the YAML configuration file that comes with the plug-in.
The YAML file is configured to do the following:
1. Load the Universal Messaging transport from the UMConnectivity library.
2. Under dynamicChainManagers, configure one Universal Messaging chain manager to connect to different Universal Messaging realms. Keep in mind that you can have only one chain manager here.
3. Configure one or more dynamicChains to handle transforming messages from Universal Messaging into the correlator.
Detailed information for this and much more is given in the topics below.
You can have different dynamicChains processing messages on different channels in different formats.
Connection-related configuration is specified in the managerConfig stanza on the dynamicChainManagers instance, including the rnames connection string for Universal Messaging.
Per-channel configuration of how to parse received messages is configured via the individual dynamicChains.
Selection of which chain a manager is to use for a given channel name is done via a channelPattern stanza on the UMTransport for each chain.
By default, the UM chain manager listens for subscribe and send-to requests in your EPL. It subscribes to channels with a specific prefix in Apama (by default, this is um:) and connect that to the corresponding Universal Messaging channel without the prefix. Therefore, EPL subscribing or sending to um:channelName will subscribe or send to the Universal Messaging channel channelName. The prefix and whether it is included on Universal Messaging can be configured via the managerConfig.
For more information on YAML configuration files, see Using Connectivity Plug-ins and Configuring the correlator.

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