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Using Connectivity Plug-ins
Overview of using connectivity plug-ins
Static and dynamic connectivity chains
Configuration file for connectivity plug-ins
Host plug-ins and configuration
Translating EPL events using the apama.eventMap host plug-in
Using reliable transports
Creating dynamic chains from EPL
Sending and receiving events with connectivity plug-ins
Deploying plug-in libraries
Connectivity plug-ins perform a similar role to IAF adapters: both allow plug-ins to transform and handle delivery of events. In most cases, we recommend using connectivity plug-ins instead of the IAF for new adapters. See also How Apama integrates with external data sources, which gives the reasons for using connectivity plug-ins.
The samples/connectivity_plugin/application/genericsendreceive directory of your Apama installation includes a simple sample which provides an easy way to get started with sending and receiving messages to or from any connectivity plug-in. For more information, see the README.txt file in the above directory and Sending and receiving events with connectivity plug-ins.

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