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Performance when generating an input log
When the file system that hosts the input log is fast, generating an input log should not have any noticeable effect on correlator performance in most cases. It is possible to use the input log with connectivity plug-ins (see Using Connectivity Plug-ins), but the performance impact will be significant for chains using the apama.eventMap host plug-in and any chains that are using small batches of events. Consequently, the recommendation is to always run correlators that send information to input logs. Just make sure you have enough disk space for the input log. You need to monitor repeated use to determine how much space is required.
With the correlator generating an input log, you can implement your application so that it sends a minimum amount of information to the main correlator log file. You do not need to log application information because you can always recover application information from the input log. Implementing an application that sends large amounts of application information to the main correlator log file can negatively impact performance.

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