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Attaching Dashboards to Correlator Data
Dashboard data tables
Scenario instance and DataView item ownership
Creating a data attachment
Using table objects
Using pie and bar charts
Using trend charts
Using stock charts
Localizing dashboard labels
Localizing dashboard messages
A key feature of Dashboard Builder is the ability to attach visualization objects such as tables and charts to live correlator data. This feature enables dashboards to display correlator activity in real time.
You can attach visualization objects to two kinds of correlator data: scenario data and DataView data. Scenarios and DataViews are described in Introduction to Apama.
This chapter describes the data that is available for attachment, and it describes the most common objects that can be attached to the data. The examples focus on a sample trading scenario (see Using the tutorial application). Dashboard Builder provides many objects that can be included in a dashboard. This chapter does not detail each one for both scenario and DataView data, but upon completion of this chapter you should be comfortable with using any Dashboard Builder object with a scenario or DataView.

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