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Creating a data attachment
Using the Attach to Apama dialog
Selecting display variables or fields
Displaying attached data
Filtering data
Attaching to constraint data
About timestamps
Using dashboard variables in attachments
About drilldown and $instanceId
About other predefined substitution variables
Using SQL-based instance tables
Working with multiple data servers
Attachments can be used to provide data for a chart or table. They can also be used to set other properties of objects such as labels, colors, and thresholds. Any non-static object property can be attached to Apama data.
The value of a property, for a given visualization object, can be a single numeric or string value, a sequence of values, or a table of values. The value of an object property can specify a set of characteristics of the object, such as the following:
*Numerical contents of all the cells in a table
*Height and label of all the bars in a bar graph
*X coordinate and Y coordinate of all the plotted points in an XY Graph
For example, the value of the valueTable property for a basic bar graph is a table that has one row for each bar in the graph. The first column in each row provides the label for the corresponding bar, and the second column in the row provides the height of the corresponding bar.

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