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Localizing dashboard messages
For thin-client (display server) deployments, you can localize the text displayed in popup menus, login windows, status windows, and various error messages.
* To localize dashboard messages
1. Extract the file rtvdisplay_strings.properties from the WEB-INF/classes/gmsjsp directory of the rtvdisplay.war file in your deployment package. Copy it to a new file with the desired locale suffix (for example, rtvdisplay_strings_ja.properties for Japanese).
2. Edit the new file so that it contains the localized text.
3. Pack the edited file into rtvdisplay.war, in WEB-INF/classes/gmsjsp.
The locale setting of your application server is used to determine which properties file to load. If the application server does not have the desired locale setting for the thin client, edit the original file (rtvdisplay_strings.properties) and pack it into the .war file.

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