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Removed and deprecated features in 10.2
The following Apama features are now deprecated or have been removed in Apama 10.2:
*It is no longer possible to configure more than one Universal Messaging dynamic chain manager per correlator. This means that a given correlator can connect to only one Universal Messaging cluster. See also Configuring the connection to Universal Messaging (dynamicChainManagers).
*The deprecated subscribe(), unsubscribe() and sendToDES() actions on the auto-generated EPL representations of Digital Event Services types have been removed. Instead, you should now use the static CHANNEL constant on the EPL type to access the channel name. With CHANNEL, you can send, subscribe and unsubscribe in the same way as any other Apama channel. For more information, see Using Digital Event Services connectivity from EPL. See also the announcement in Removed and deprecated features in 10.0.
*Support for using BigMemory Max for queries is deprecated and will be removed in a future release. It is recommended that you now use Terracotta DB's TCStore for queries. See also New support for using the TCStore driver for queries in 10.2.
*Support for setting the readVisibility and writeVisibility properties in the TCStore driver configuration for distributed memory stores is deprecated and will be removed in a future release. It is recommended that you remove these properties from your Spring configuration files. Setting these properties does not have any effect in version 10.2, but will result in an error in future versions of Apama. See also TCStore (Terracotta DB) driver details.
*In Software AG Designer, the Build adapter files for monitorscript changes option has been removed from the EPL build path. See also Project source files.
*The Initialization configuration and Configuration path configurations for the correlator have been removed from Command Central. Respectively, these are the APAMA-CORRELATOR-INITIALIZE configuration type and the connectivityYamlPath property of APAMA-ARGS. This was the mechanism by which you configured the EPL and connectivity configuration for the correlator to run, replaced by a new mechanism which is documented at Deploying a Designer project to Command Central.

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