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Project source files
By default, all files in the project directory are included in the build path, but this can be customized. Files within a project are grouped into folders and you can specify which folders should be included when a project is built. In addition, within each folder you can specify patterns that determine which files should be included or excluded.
* To specify the files
1. Right-click the project in Project Explorer and select Properties.
2. Expand Apama.
3. In the Properties dialog, select MonitorScript Build Path, and click Source.
4. On the Source tab, add new folders and specify which files to include in the build process. For example, you can include all event files with the .evt extension. For folders in the project, you can also modify which files to include or exclude.
To add a folder to the build process:
a. Select the project and click Add Folder.
b. At the Source Folder Selection dialog add checks to the check boxes for the folder you want to include in the build process.
Add a new folder to the project, click Create New Folder to display the New Source Folder wizard.
To specify files in the folders to include or exclude:
a. On the Source tab, select the folder and click Edit.
b. On the Edit Source folder dialog, click Next.
c. At the Edit source folder dialog, in the Inclusion patterns and Exclusion patterns fields, click Add or Add Multiple.
*If you click Add, enter the text patterns that will specify the files you want to include or exclude using the displayed wildcards.
*If you click Add Multiple, select the names of the files you want to include or exclude.

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