NaturalONE in a Nutshell

This documentation explains the basic concept of NaturalONE and helps you get started. It is organized under the following headings:

NaturalONE and the Eclipse Workspace What is the advantage of using the workspace? Why is it recommended that you use local mode instead of Natural server mode? How do you get your sources from the Natural server into your Eclipse workspace? And other useful information.
All About Natural Projects Describes the different possibilities of creating Natural projects.
Working in a Team About versioning tools, private-mode libraries, and other information which is helpful when more than one developer works on one and the same application.
Performance Aspects What actions and best practices can improve the performance? Especially when working with huge projects? This section has some answers.
The Local Natural Runtime About the local Natural runtime which can be used for testing and debugging purposes, without having to access a Natural server.
The Development Lifecycle: Step by Step Summarizes the required steps for the preferred development scenario.
Performance Analysis of Natural Applications Describes how you can analyze the performance of Natural applications. Summarizes the basic required steps and provides hints on preferred analysis strategies.