Online Help and System Messages

You can access the Entire Operations GUI Client documentation online to obtain general usage information or help on a specific function.

The Entire Operations GUI Client documentation (including PDF books) is also available at Software AG's Empower web site at (Empower login required).

Start of instruction setTo invoke online help

  • Select an Entire Operations node and choose Contents from the Help menu.

    The main overview of the Entire Operations GUI Client documentation appears.

Start of instruction setTo invoke context-sensitive help

  • Choose the Help button (if available) in a window or dialog or press F1.

    Select a node in the object workspace and press F1.

    Help on the current topic appears.

This section covers the following topics:

Online Technical Information

You can use the TECH direct command to display technical information on your current Entire Operations session as shown in the following example:


For further information, see TECH in the Direct Commands documentation.

Error Messages

Help for System Messages

You can obtain additional information on the system messages that can appear in the Entire Operations version installed at your site.

Start of instruction setTo display the long text for a short system message

  1. Enter the HELP direct command in the Command input field for the message (here: EOR0024 - Invalid Date Format) received:

    For example:

    HELP EOR0024

    (EORnnnn for Entire Operations messages or NATnnnn for Natural messages)

    Press ENTER.

    A help dialog opens with additional explanations and (if relevant) advice on how to correct an error:


    For further information on the HELP direct command, see the relevant section in the Direct Commands documentation.

Related Information:

Finding System Messages

Entire Operations GUI Client displays status or error messages at the following locations:

Location Description
In the active window or in an additional window If Entire Operations is used online.

In many cases, additional information is written to the Entire Operations log.

Subsequent to more complex errors it is recommended to have a look there. For more information, see Displaying Logged Information.
Message column of the List Active Jobs window Contains the last status message or error message for the active job.

For more information, see the Message column described in List Active Jobs.

Browse Log window Contains all status messages and error messages.

If database problems prevent you from writing to the log file, then the messages will be written to the SYSOUT of the Monitor tasks.

For more information, see Displaying Logged Information.
Monitor tasks SYSOUT Contains mainly start and end messages of the Monitor tasks.

In this case, some other important events are also logged in addition.