User Language

In Entire Operations, the languages English and German are available. The specified language controls the display in the following locations:

  • The nodes of the tree view and the context menu functions in the object workspace;

  • The field and columns in the open windows in the content pane and in the result list.

Entire Operations log messages are saved independent of the language. You can view them in English or German.

This section describes the locations where you can change the user language depending on your authorizations:

Options Menu

From the Options > Language menu of the main application window, select English or German.

The language settings are kept for future Entire Operations sessions.

System Default and User Profile

As an administrator, you can specify the language in the following locations:

Natural ULANG Parameter

The Natural ULANG profile parameter controls the language used by the Entire Operations Monitor such as the SYSOUT of the Monitor tasks and the output.

You can specify ULANG dynamically at the start of a Natural session or, if authorized, statically in the Natural NATPARM parameter file.

ULANG is described in the Parameter Reference of the Natural documentation.