System Administration

This document covers the following topics:

Defaults Describes the defaults you can set for various objects and functions.
Users Describes how to define Entire Output Management users.
Calendars Describes the use of calendars and the functions to define them.
Physical Printers Describes the attributes of physical printers and the functions to define them.
Monitor Management Describes the functions to control the Entire Ouput Management monitor.
Task Management Describes how to start various tasks.
Archive Administration Describes the archiving functions.
Separator Pages Describes the use of separator pages.
User Separation Routines Describes the use of user separation routines.
Printer Exits Describes the use of printer exits.
Application Programming Interfaces Describes the application programming interfaces (APIs) available for Entire Output Management.
Setting Up Environments for Binary Documents Describes various setups for the processing of binary documents.
Transferring Objects Describes how to transfer Entire Output Management objects from one environment to another.
VTAM NOMVPRNT Management Describes the management of the VTAM virtual-printer application NOMVPRNT.
Using Adabas Vista Describes considerations for the use of Adabas Vista.