Natural Construct Object Models

This documentation describes the Object series of models. These models generate the Natural subprograms used by Natural Business Services.

This documentation is intended for developers who are familiar with Natural Construct and want to use the Object series of models to create the business service subprograms. It is organized under the following headings:

Overview of Object-Oriented Development Provides an overview of object-oriented development. Includes information on defining Natural Construct objects and defining object relationships in Predict.
Using the Object-Browse Models Describes the Object-Browse series of models and how to use the models to generate the browse components of an object-browse process. It also contains information on changing the default PF-key style.
Using the Object-Generic-Subp Model Describes the Object-Generic-Subp model, which generates a business service (subprogram) associated with up to 10 subprograms and 20 methods.
Using the Object-Maint Models Describes the Object-Maint series of models and how to use the models to generate the maintenance components of an object-maintenance process.