Common Model Specifications and Development Tasks

This documentation describes the common specifications for the Natural Construct models and how to perform common development tasks. It is organized under the following headings:

Common Fields on the Standard Parameters Panel Describes the common fields on the Standard Parameters panel.
Set Up a Password File Describes how to set up a password file to implement password checking for generated modules.
Change the Default Window Settings Describes how to change the default window settings for your generated modules, such as the size and position of the window and whether it uses a frame (border). Includes information on testing the new window settings.
Determine Which Condition Codes are Set Explains how to verify which condition codes have been set for your generated module.


  1. Although the screen examples used in this documentation are from a mainframe environment, the information applies to all server environments.
  2. For information about the additional specification panels for a specific model, see the documentation in which that model is described.