This documentation contains information for operating Natural in a Windows environment. It is organized under the following headings:

Using the Windows Firewall with Natural How to run Natural in an environment protected by the Windows firewall.
Profile Parameter Usage Information on the parameter hierarchy. How to assign profile parameter values statically, dynamically and at runtime.
System Files How system files and Natural objects are stored in the file system. Information on the system files FNAT, FUSER and FDDM.
Work Files How to define work files. Information on the different work file formats.
Natural Buffer Pool How the buffer pool is used by Natural and how it is started.
Using the GUI Version of the Buffer Pool Monitor How to connect and disconnect to a buffer pool, and how to shut down and start a buffer pool server. A description of the information that can be displayed using the Buffer Pool Monitor.
Using the Command Line Version of the Buffer Pool Monitor (NATBPMON) How to invoke the NATBPMON utility. Information on the commands that are available with this utility.
Natural in Batch Mode How to run Natural in batch mode. Information on the required input and output channels.
Output Window How to use the output window, change the output window profile and use your own icon for the output window.
Natural Runtime How to port an application from a development workstation to a runtime workstation. How to use a service for starting Natural Runtime processes.
Support of Different Character Sets with NATCONV.INI How to define different character sets in the file NATCONV.INI.
Natural Exit Codes Information on the Natural exit codes, including startup errors.
Setting Up the Entire System Server Interface How to activate the Entire System Server Interface for the product Entire System Server.
Administrating NaturalX Applications How to distribute applications consisting of NaturalX classes across several processes and machines using DCOM.

The Natural utilities which can be used to execute numerous administrative functions are described separately; see the Tools and Utilities documentation for detailed information.

Security is also described separately; see the Natural Security documentation for detailed information.

When installing Natural fixes with the Software AG Update Manager, certain restrictions and requirements apply. Please refer to Special Considerations When Installing Fixes with the Update Manager for further details.

We would like to remind our customers who have purchased the Natural Runtime version that the Natural development tools are not included in the Natural Runtime version. In addition, not all Natural system commands are supported in the Natural Runtime version.