Select System File

You can select the system files to be used for the unload function from a list.

You can produce this selection list from an object specification screen of the unload function when performed in advanced-user mode.

The instructions below are an example of using the function when unloading Natural library objects.

Beginn der Anweisungsliste To select a system file from a list

  1. On the Unload Natural Library Objects screen, choose Select DBID/FNR or choose PF5 (DBIDs).

    The Select System File window appears where the system files available in the current Natural environment are listed with their names (System File), database IDs (DBID) and file numbers (FNR). User defined denotes a system file specified by the user.

  2. Select the system file you want to use for function processing by entering any single character in the Sel column next to the system file required. The FUSER system file is selected by default.

    In the DBID and FNR fields next to User-defined, you can enter the database ID and file number of the system file you want to select. If required, in the Password/VSAM name and Cipher Code columns, enter the Adabas password or VSAM name and the Adabas cipher code for the system file.

    The database ID and file number of the system file selected are entered in the DBID/FNR fields of the Unload Natural Library Objects screen. If you selected the default system file, these fields remain empty.