Natural under CICS - Natural CICS Interface Version 8.3 for z/OS

This document describes the functionality of Natural CICS Interface (product code NCI) Version 8.3 for z/OS and the operation and individual components of Natural in a CICS environment.

The following topics are covered:

Support for zIIP under CICS
Natural CICS Interface Functionality
Natural CICS Generation Parameters
Customizing VSAM RRDS Roll Files
Natural in CICS MRO Environments
CICS Node Error Program and Timeout Considerations for Natural
CICS 3270 Bridge Support
Threadsafe Considerations
CICS Open Transaction Environment Considerations
Support for CICS Channels and Containers
IBM Language Environment (LE) and Natural CICS Interface
Special Natural CICS Functionality
Natural CICS Sample Programs
Invoking Natural from User Programs
Asynchronous Natural Processing under CICS
Logging Natural Sessions under CICS
Natural CICS Performance Considerations
Natural Print and Work Files Under CICS

References to CICS Tables:

Where appropriate, any references to CICS tables (DCT, FCT, PCT, PPT, TCT, etc.) can be considered as references to the corresponding:

  • assembly-type resource definitions,

  • online resource definitions via CEDA,

  • batch resource definitions via DFHCSDUP.

Notation vrs or vr:

When used in this document, the notation vrs or vr represents the relevant product version (see also Version in the Glossary).

Related Topics: