Natural SAF Security - Overview

Natural SAF Security is used in conjunction with Natural Security and with an SAF-compliant external security system (RACF, CA-ACF2, or CA Top Secret).

It is assumed that you are familiar with and have a good general understanding of Natural and Natural Security. In particular, you should be familiar with the Natural Security documentation.

If you are not familiar with the external security system yourself, you should get in touch with the security administrator who is in charge of that system, as the use of Natural SAF Security requires certain conditions to be met by that system.

This documentation describes all functions of Natural SAF Security. It covers the topics listed below.

Introducing Natural SAF Security Basic concepts of Natural SAF Security.
Activating Natural SAF Security How to activate Natural SAF Security.
Defining Resources in the External Security System and Activating Them Considerations concerning the external security system used in conjunction with Natural SAF Security.
Administrator Services Natural SAF Security administration functions in Natural Security.
Application Programming Interfaces Information on the available application programming interfaces (APIs).

Other Documentation

For information on installing Natural SAF Security, see Installing Natural SAF Security in the Installation for z/OS documentation.

Natural SAF Security uses a SAF server, which is described in the SAF Security Kernel documentation.

For information on changes, enhancements and new features provided with this version, see the Natural Release Notes.