SAF Security Kernel

This document describes the SAF Security Kernel and its associated daemon. It covers installation and operation of the kernel and daemon and messages and codes issued by them. The SAF Security Kernel and Daemon are distributed on the Adabas Limited Libraries (product code WAL).

Introduction Provides an overview of the SAF Security Kernel functionality.
Installation Describes how to install the SAF Security Kernel.
Operator Commands Explains the available operator commands for the SAF Security Kernel.
SAF* - SAF Daemon Messages Describes the SAF daemon messages.
SEFM* - ADASAF SAF Interface and SAF Security Kernel Messages Describes Adabas SAF Security (ADASAF) and SAF Security Kernel operator console and command messages.
SAF Return Codes Describes SAF return codes.
SAF Internal Function Codes Describes SAF internal function codes.
Interpreting Trace Messages Describes how to interpret SAF trace messages
Security Definitions Provides a general overview of the definition of resources to RACF, CA-Top Secret and CA-ACF2.