Natural Profile Parameters for NATSPOOL

This Dokumentdescribes the profile parameters which must be defined in the Natural parameter module.

For further information on Natural profile parameters and parameter macros, see the Natural Parameter Reference and the Natural Operations documentation.

NTPRINT Macro or PRINT Parameter

To define the logical printers for which reports can be generated, the NTPRINT macro in the Natural parameter module has to be used.


NTPRINT (1,3,6-11,15),AM=NAF

The corresponding profile parameter PRINT can also be used to specify the same options dynamically when starting a session.

FSPOOL Parameter

The FSPOOL parameter setting determines the database identification (DBID), file number (FNR), password, and cipher key of the spool file for the Natural session.

The FSPOOL parameter has the following syntax:

Operand Description
nnnnn The database ID of the spool file.
fffff The file number of the spool file.
password The password required if the spool file has been password-protected using the Adabas security feature.
cipher-key The cipher key required if the spool file has been ciphered using the Adabas security feature.

NAFUPF Parameter

The NAFUPF parameter is used to specify the name of the user profile (1 to 8 characters) to be used when creating reports. The user profile can only be defined by using Function 31.1.



NAFSIZE Parameter

The NAFSIZE parameter setting determines the size of work buffer used by Natural Advanced Facilities.

NAFSIZE=0 is the default and prevents the initialization of Natural Advanced Facilities.

NAFSIZE=1 is sufficient for operation. Greater values do not improve operation.

Set NAFSIZE to 1 in all environments in which Natural Advanced Facilities can be used.