Installing Natural Connection on z/OS

This document describes the steps for installing Natural Connection (product code NTC) on z/OS.

Related Topic:

For information on the features and functions provided by Natural Connection, see the Natural Connection documentation.

Notation vrs or vr:

When used in this document, the notation vrs or vr represents the relevant product version (see also Version in the Glossary).


A supported version of the following product must be installed before you can install Natural Connection:

  • Entire Connection

    See the Installation section in the Entire Connection documentation.

See also General Prerequisites and System Support in the section Overview of the Installation Process.

Installation Medium

The installation medium contains the following data set required for product installation:

Data Set Name Contents
NTCvrs.LOAD Load modules

Copy the data set into your environment as described in Copying Data Sets to a z/OS Disk in the section Installing Natural.

Sample Jobs

Sample installation jobs are contained in the NATvrs.JOBS data set and are prefixed with the product code. The data set is provided on the installation medium supplied for base Natural.

Installation Procedure

Be sure to read Installation Process and Major Natural Features before you start the installation procedure.

Step 1: Build the Natural Parameter Module

(Jobs I060, I080)

  1. Adapt the Natural parameter module:

    • Specify the keyword subparameter AM=PC in the NTPRINT macro for all printer files and work files to be used for data transfer between the host and the PC. For example:

      NTPRINT (7),AM=PC
      NTWORK  (7),AM=PC
    • Specify the profile parameter PC=ON.

    The parameters and the macro are described in the Parameter Reference documentation.

  2. Assemble and link the Natural parameter module.

Step 2: Adapt the Link Steps

(Job I080)

Adapt the link steps for online Natural:

  1. Add the following INCLUDE statement and the corresponding DD statement to the link instructions for the linkage editor:

  2. Relink your nucleus as described in Link the Nucleus in Installing Natural.

Installation Verification

You can verify the successful installation of Natural Connection by following the instructions below:

  1. Invoke Entire Connection on the PC and start the terminal emulation.

  2. Use the terminal emulation to invoke Natural on the mainframe.

  3. Enter the terminal command %+ to activate the PC connection.

  4. Use the Natural Object Handler (described in the Utilities documentation) to download Natural objects to the PC. For information on transferring Natural objects, see also Data Transfer in the section Terminal Emulation in the Entire Connection documentation.

  5. Verify that the downloaded objects are now on your PC.