Natural for DB2

This documentation describes the functionality and the use of Natural for DB2, which is a Natural interface required to access data in a DB2 database.

This documentation is organized under the following headings:

General Information Information such as purpose, environment-specific considerations, integration with Software AG's Data Dictionary Predict, incompatibilities and constraints, error messages related to DB2, and terms used in this documentation.
Accessing a DB2 Table Enable access to a DB2 table with a Natural program.
Using Natural Tools for DB2 Invoke Natural Tools for DB2 to maintain DB2-specific objects and SQL statements.
Application Plan Maintenance Maintain DB2 application plans online.
Catalog Maintenance Maintain the DB2 catalog.
Interactive SQL Process SQL statements that are not embedded.
Retrieval of System Tables Display/print DB2 objects and user authorizations.
Environment Setting Execute SQL statements and display special register values.
Explain PLAN_TABLE Interpret your PLAN_TABLE.
File Server Statistics Display statistics on the generation and use of the file server.
Issuing DB2 Commands from Natural Issue DB2 commands from Natural.
Using Natural System Commands for DB2 Use Natural system commands that have been incorporated into the Natural Tools for DB2.
Generating Natural Data Definition Modules (DDMs) Generation of Natural data definition modules (DDMs) using the SQL Services function of the Natural SYSDDM utility.
Dynamic and Static SQL Support Internal handling of dynamic statements, creation and execution of static DBRMs, mixed dynamic/static mode, and application plan switching in the various supported environments.
Using Natural Statements and System Variables Special considerations on Natural DML statements, Natural SQL statements, and Natural system variables with DB2. In addition, the Natural for DB2 enhanced error handling is discussed.
Processing Natural Stored Procedures and UDFs Processing Natural stored procedures and Natural user-defined functions (UDFs).
Interface Subprograms Several Natural and non-Natural subprograms to be used for various purposes.
Natural File Server for DB2 Use a file server as an intermediate work file.

Related Documentation

For installation instructions and Natural parameter modifications for Natural for DB2, refer to Installing Natural for DB2 in the Installation for z/OS documentation.

For the various aspects of accessing data in a database with Natural, see also Database Access in the Natural Programming Guide.

For information on logging SQL statements contained in a Natural program, refer to DBLOG Trace Screen for SQL Statements in the DBLOG Utility documentation.