FSPOOL - Natural Advanced Facilities Spool File

This Natural profile parameter defines the database ID, file number, password, cipher key and read-only flag for the Natural Advanced Facilities spool file.

Possible settings See FSPOOL Parameter Syntax.
Default setting none  
Dynamic specification yes

If you specify the FSPOOL parameter dynamically in conjunction with any of the parameters DBID, FNR, SYSPSW, or SYSCIP, you must specify the FSEC parameter after any of these other parameters.

Specification within session no  


  1. This Natural profile parameter only applies to Natural Advanced Facilities.
  2. The spool file is the database file that is used by Natural Advanced Facilities.
  3. The spool file must be different from the FNAT, FUSER, FDIC, FSEC and FPROF system files.
  4. For information on system files, refer to Natural System Files in the Natural System Architecture documentation.

FSPOOL Parameter Syntax

The FSPOOL parameter syntax is as follows:



Syntax Element Value Explanation
database-ID 1-65535, except 255 Database identification of the database in which the spool file is located.

Database ID 255 is reserved for logical system files for Software AG products, see Natural profile parameter LFILE.

file-number 1-65535 File number of the database file in which the spool file is located.
password 1 - 8 characters Password for the spool system file.


  1. A password is only required if the spool file has been password-protected using the Adabas security feature.
  2. When Natural is used with VSAM system files, the password is used to specify the logical name (DD or DLBL) of the system file as defined to VSAM. Example: FSPOOL=(10,8,SYSVSAM)
cipher-key 8 numeric characters Cipher key for the spool file.

A cipher key is only required if the Natural Security system file has been ciphered using the Adabas security feature.

RO - Read-only option.


  1. RO indicates that the spool file is "read-only".
  2. RO is only specified if modifications on the spool file are to be disabled. This would mean, for example, that no reports could be stored on the spool file.