LFILE - Logical System File Definition

This Natural profile parameter specifies information concerning the physical database file to be associated with a logical system file for Software AG products. It corresponds to the macro NTLFILE in the Natural parameter module.

Possible settings See LFILE Parameter Syntax.
Default setting none  
Dynamic specification yes This parameter can only be specified dynamically. In the Natural parameter module, the macro NTLFILE is used instead.
Specification within session no  
Application programming interface USR0011N See SYSEXT - Natural Application Programming Interfaces in the Utilities documentation.
USR2004N (recommended)


  • LFILE and NTLFILE can be used for Software AG products which have their own system files (for example, Con-nect, Natural Review) to specify where such a system file is to be located. Such products use the database ID 255 and a logical file number in their data definition modules (DDMs). With the LFILE parameter or the macro NTLFILE, you specify which physical file number and database ID (and, if applicable, password and cipher key) are associated with that logical file number. Natural maps the logical file number to the physical file number and database ID and uses it for any database calls.

  • LFILE is especially useful for defining a scratch-pad file with the logical file number 212; see also the profile parameter ROSY, Natural Scratch-Pad File in the Operations documentation, and Defining a Scratch-Pad File in the Installation for z/OS, Installation for BS2000 and Installation for z/VSE documentation.

The following topics are covered below:

LFILE Parameter Syntax

The LFILE parameter is specified as follows:



Syntax Element Value Explanation
logical-fnr 1 - 251 Logical file number. This parameter is mandatory.
physical-dbid 0 - 65535, except 255 Physical database ID. Database ID 255 is reserved for logical system files for Software AG products.
physical-fnr 1 - 65535 Physical file number.
password 1 - 8 characters. Password and cipher key are only required if the database file has been password-protected and/or ciphered using the Adabas security feature.
cipher-key 8 numerical digits.
RO n/a Flag for read-only access.

To define different logical files, the LFILE parameter must be specified multiple times (separated by a comma or a blank); see Example of LFILE Parameter.

NTLFILE Macro Syntax

The NTLFILE macro is specified as follows:

         NTLFILE logical-fnr,physical-dbid,physical-fnr,password,cipher-key,RO


  1. For an explanation of the syntax elements and for possible values, see LFILE Parameter Syntax.
  2. To define different logical files, the LFILE parameter or the NTLFILE macro must be specified several times; see Examples of NTLFILE Macro.

Example of LFILE Parameter


Examples of NTLFILE Macro

         NTLFILE 180,73,10
         NTLFILE 251,40,9,TEST99